How To Use Social Media To Effectively Improve SEO


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There is a huge debate on whether Social Media will be replacing traditional Search Engine Results and Search Engine Optimization practices. Some persons say Social Media will replace SEO and others are saying SEO is here to stay. Now the truth of the matter is that neither of the two is greater and I will be showing you that by maintaining a solid online social presence you will massively improve your SEO results which are guaranteed to improve your chances of your great content being found on the internet.

There will be a massive collaboration between search engines and social media that will further enable improved relevant and real-time results through search. Now is the time to take advantage of the changes that are taking place and position your sites and ideas to benefit and go viral.

Here Are 3 Major Search Engine Facts

  1. Google is now including Twitter conversations in search results. This means that if I search for the keyword phrase, “earthquake in California” I will see the latest real-time conversations about those keywords from twitter.
  2. Social Media sites are being indexed at a much higher frequency than the average site. For example, when I update my active public facebook profile or fan page, google will see it in at least an hour.
  3. The most popular Social Media sites are trusted by google and usually have high page ranks

Major search engines are recognizing the fact that there is a huge exchange of content through social media. The business of search engines is to provide the most relevant content in accordance with what the user is searching for.

Start Using Social Media Sites to Boost SEO

To start taking advantage of social media for SEO, you will need to start creating social profiles and start networking and building your communities. Here are the major ones I have started using:

Facebook – Create both Personal Profiles and Fan Pages. Ensure that your websites and other relevant information is listed in your profiles with relevant keywords that you want to be associated with. Use the descriptions to talk about your sites and products. For fan pages, ensure that you are publishing your blog posts regularly on the wall so that your content is accessible through search and to your fan base. I recommend using the Networked Blogs application which will automatically publish your blog posts to your facebook profile. Most importantly, through your security settings, make your facebook profiles public. This way they can be found through search engines.

Linked In – This service is very public and can provide any relevant information to search engines that will help your ranking. Your business affiliations, websites, blogs, products, etc can be optimized by using a functional Linked In profile.

Hub Pages – This is another huge community that is frequently indexed by google. Here you can build your own massive following of readers and also create some link juice for your sites.

Squidoo – Squidoo is another great site and publishing platform that gets indexed by google frequently. Here you can build your authority within your particular niche or topics while using relevant keywords, anchor texts and links to point back to your site and increase your google pagerank.

Twitter – Twitter is one of the fastest growing social hubs with millions of users and growing. Twitter allows you to share any type of information over their network with your followers and provides the benefit of your published content reaching across to millions of users when retweeted. Google is now actively indexing twitter conversations which will benefit all who are publishing content this way. One major factor to note: Always try to use actual URLs where possible when sharing links with others instead of URL shorteners like Actual URLs have more link juice and are more relevant for search results.

Blog Engage – Blog Engage is an awesome community to connect with other bloggers, increase traffic and gain some link juice. This is another powerful medium for enhancing link popularity and perfecting SEO for your site.

All the social sites listed above are excellent for increasing link popularity and SEO for your sites. When linking back to your sites, always remember to use relevant keywords, anchor texts and links which will make links more relevant in search engine results pages (SERP). These sites are also great for increasing your site’s credibility in a shorter period of time as well as your google pagerank.

Awesome Bookmarking Sites That Help SEO

Social Bookmarking sites are excellent for passing link juice and search engine traffic to your site. Google actually treats the social bookmark as a “middle man” and bypasses them for getting to your content and displaying results to searchers. So when someone searches for content that matches your site, they will be sent directly to your site’s content rather than to the bookmark site.

Here are a few great bookmarking sites that are readily indexed by google:

Download and use the the Sexy Bookmarks Plugin that will display a beautiful list of possible social bookmarking sites that your readers and yourself will have easy access to like the one below.

Using YouTube To Build SEO

YouTube is now owned by Google and is indexed constantly. Create and upload videos to YouTube with relevant descriptions and title information to ensure that your content is associated with your site and links back to you.

Let’s Get To Work!

Bear in mind that it takes time to build a large network of followers and customers through using social media.

The powerful techniques, practices and sites above can especially help new websites and blogs to get indexed within as soon as 3 days of being launched. Its very important to have a clear plan outlined for your site’s success and exposure. Pretty soon you will start to see lots of search engine traffic starting to flood your sites as well as increases in page rank and rankings in SERP.

So its time to get to work, start promoting your websites and I will see you at the top of the search engine results pages! :)


How has Social Media helped your site to become more popular, especially through search results? Please share any other methods that may have worked for your site. We would love to hear about them.

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26 Responses

    • Sam

      04/19/2010, 04:23 pm

      All these sites will help to boost your page rank and your overall trustworthiness in Google’s eyes.

      Thanks for commenting Ed.

  1. Sachin @ Web Design Mauritius

    04/19/2010, 01:58 am

    Nice roundup of possibilities Robyn. I’ve been working on the core of Social Media for some months now. Facebook, Twitter and now Blog Engage are really working great. Digg and StumbleUpon have been a bit deceiving as you already need to be a well known blogger to really take advantage of these tools.

    I have one question though. Do you have a technique to maintain and be active on all social media communities at all times?
    .-= Sachin @ Web Design Mauritius´s last blog ..You should be (over-) using the H (heading) tags. =-.

    • Sam

      04/19/2010, 04:45 pm

      Hey Sachin,

      You don’t necessarily need to be constantly active on all social media sites to increase backlinks to your site. Occasionally posting and creating new profiles on sites that you may come across should be enough. So bear in mind that the aim here is to increase your presence on as many social sites as possible to gain additional backlinks that search engines will follow and help you to rank higher in search results.

      I would suggest that you choose the major sites to frequently network on like twitter, while posting once or twice per week to other secondary sites like Hubpages and Squidoo that are both communities and somewhat act as trusted article directories.

    • Sam

      04/19/2010, 03:33 pm

      Hey Shirley,

      Thanks for visiting :)

      Patience is the virtue that will allow you to endure towards your blogging success.

  2. Tia@BizChick

    04/19/2010, 11:26 pm

    Twitter has by far been my biggest source of traffic. I am now using to manage simultaneous StumbleUpon and Twitter posting. Since using that, I’ve gotten even more traffic; it’s like some strange magical tool. :) It just works.

    In terms of SEO, I’m going to be using with each new post to submit them to multiple social bookmarking sites all at once, each with specifically tailored keywords to improve SEO. To me, that is now the main benefit of social bookmarking. It’s not what it once was, but I guess we learn to go with it.
    .-= Tia@BizChick´s last blog ..What to do When No One is Commenting: 10 Tips =-.

    • Sam

      04/20/2010, 07:42 am

      Thanks a lot for the contribution Tia! :)

      I’m definitely going to try these sites out. A little automation is always good. As professional bloggers, we need to think about all factors that will effectively improve our exposure and marketing. SEO is a major one.

    • Sam

      04/20/2010, 11:48 am

      Hey Dennis! I just started following you on Twitter! :)

      Wishing you all the best! Let me know how it works out for you, which I think will be great.