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We are seeking experienced proofreaders to work on a freelance, on-call basis for editing of our reports and communication materials. We work on a variety of documents, including social issue reports, press releases, leadership profiles, and case studies. Responsibilities will include checking grammar, spelling, and general light editing. We will provide an internal style guide, but proofreaders should also be familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. This position is geo-flexible, time-flexible, and for an independent contractor. The position requires a fluid schedule and a relatively low number of hours, and it is therefore best for someone who is already at the computer working on other projects.


  • Prior proofreading experience
  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to provide quick turnaround: in some cases we will know editing needs a few days ahead of time, but just as often we need something turned around a few hours
  • Some evening availability: most requests will be sent between 9 AM and 6 PM EST, but occasional evening editing will be needed as well
  • Dedication to a few hours of work a week: the total work load will vary depending on how often you are available and where we are in our reports cycle, but will average out to a few hours a week
  • Experience using Microsoft Office
  • Access to Google chat
  • An interest in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, or nonprofit communications
  • Proofreaders who have access to a scanner or ability to edit in Adobe Acrobat preferred

How it works:

  • Getting Assignments: Someone from our team will instant message you with an editing need. It may be an immediate need, or it may be something with a several-day turnaround time. To indicate that you are available for an assignment when you are online, you can set your gmail chat status to green.
  • Adhering to Root Cause Style: Our style guide serves as our primary point of reference for Root Cause style. We follow Chicago Manual of Style for anything not covered in the style guide.
  • Proofreading Documents: We ask proofreaders to track any changes they make and to use comments to capture any questions that come up. Most documents are in Word, although some are in PDF format.
  • Billing: Proofreaders send their hours to our operations manager and are paid on a monthly basis.
  • Confidentiality: Many of our documents are of a confidential nature. We ask our proofreaders to sign a confidentiality agreement before they begin their work with us.

How To Apply

Send cover letter and resume by using the application form at:

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