12 Ways To Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers & Make Your Videos Go Viral

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This is a guest post by David Edwards from Asittingduck.com.

If you look at the top Youtubers, it’s hard to believe that they started with zero subscribers. There are now over 15 channels that each have a subscriber base of over 1 Million! (more than some sky channels!). It all starts with 1,000 subscribers and spreads from there! The power of Youtube and other video sharing sites can’t be ignored and offers a wide audience that you won’t reach by solely maintaining a blog.

Here are 15 very effective techniques for attractive new subscribers and leveraging that traffic back to your website or blog.

1. Choose a memorable channel name, make it quirky!

Channels that are easy to remember, complemented with great video content will have viewers coming back for more and begin to build your brand and viewer loyalty. Also, try to make the name relevant to your content and keyword rich to ensure they are easily found through search engines.

2. Include A Call To Action

Engage your audience at the end of your video telling them what you want them to do, its very important to give them this nudge. Whether its to share the video, visit your website, sign-up to a newsletter, etc. if its great content they will do it.

3. Number your videos – It creates anticipation for the next one.

Its easier for viewers to watch multiple quick videos so if you can, split your videos in multiple parts. This work on the human nature, builds excitement and also allows those searching through google to find various sections of the video that may apply to them.

Keep videos within 3 minutes in length. Viewership tends to fall off when videos are too lengthy, unless it is super amazing content.

4. Network with everyone in your niche

Networking is what social media is about; get to know other bloggers and designers. Oftentimes they will like your content, share it and offer ideas and opportunities for building your online business.

5. Brand Your Channel

Add your logo, descriptions and other site info to ensure that your brand will stick in viewers’ minds.

6. Add Captions to your videos

YouTube, Google and other search engines index captions thus making your videos easier to find and understand thus increasing reach.

7. Tweet at the top guys – They sometimes respond!

There’s nothing wrong with attracting some attention from the high profile bloggers on the scene. If you know you have a killer useful video then share it. Warning: Don’t do this with every post to the same person, especially if its not relevant to what they’re about. That’s spamming! Don’t do it.

8. Link to your website on all video descriptions

Make it unforgettable!

9. Convince 100 facebook friends to start an account and subscribe to your channel.

Its guaranteed that some of them will help share it and spread your ideas.

10. Take advantage of your best video

If you have a video that has some popularity behind it, send the link to other bloggers and especially news websites that frequently feature user created content.

11. Read the YouTube blog

This will put you way ahead of most people, as some people don’t know they have one! The blog offers critical information for using YouTube effectively.

12. Go High-Definition (HD) – Future proof your work.

YouTube supports the best quality videos, so get out of the past, put your best image forward and start shooting videos in high-definition wide-screen format. They have a guide for recommended formats for video uploads. Usually, the best recommendations are:

  • 30 frames per second
  • HD quality video with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • MP4 video file format with .H264 compression
  • MP3 or AAC audio compression

Conclusion & Discussion

“YouTube” is a slow game, lots of channels are portrayed in the media as “overnight” success stories. If you can think of it as a 5 year journey and you enjoy the process of making and promoting videos then you will have a successful channel and the knock on effect is a successful website!

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