Creative Techniques For Marketing Your Blog with Social Media


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This is a guest pot by Amanda who is a writer & blogger who enjoys writing about Social Media &Search Engine Marketing. You can find her work at

Social media is a powerful tool for increasing traffic to your website. Many of the most popular websites on the Internet are social media sites, so there is a huge base of users from which to choose. Moreover, social media websites are free, so the only reason you would need a budget is if you work with an Internet marketing company to help you expand your traffic. The following is a guide to help you promote your blog through social media.

Pick a Topic that is Buzzworthy

Before you post anything to your blog, you want to make sure that your content is interesting to your readers. There are several topics that you can write about to help engage your audience better. Adding graphics, whether it’s a photo, clip art or video, will also help improve reader experience. There are several routes to take including news, top 10 lists, controversial topics, opinionated columns, or popular product reviews. Infographics are a growing trend that can help you to engage your audience while also providing useful or poignant information.

Decide Where to Submit Your Posts

Now that you’ve got your post ready, you’re going to need to make a list of the various sites that you want to submit your posts to. There are plenty of sites to choose from such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn and MySpace, just to name a few. If you plan to create several accounts, keep in mind that standardizing your usernames can help make it easier for your viewers to remember you across several social bookmarking sites. Using social media marketing to your advantage like this can help to increase your site’s organic traffic and improve your blog’s online reputation.

Make Your Blog Social Media Friendly

Once you have a feel for the social bookmarking sites that you plan to promote your site on, start adding buttons to help make the social bookmarking process easier for your readers. Consider installing a Sphinn button, a Facebook “Like” button, a Retweet button, or just install a widget that will add a bevy of social bookmarking buttons. To help your social media marketing efforts, try to make your blog more “time-friendly” by organizing the format of the post itself. Paragraphs with headers and bulleted or numbered lists are a great way to help improve readability for your readers, too. Busy people might skim through your post, so make sure that they can still derive some sort of value from it.

Keep it Fresh

If you rarely update your profile, or rarely engage in any activity on a social network such as Facebook, people will quickly lose interest in you and your profile. Remember the adage, out of sight, out of mind. If you have a twitter account, send out a tweet when you put up a new blog post. If you have a Facebook account, make a status update when you incorporate new products or services. Be careful not to get carried away; if you bombard users with updates about your blog, they may very likely get tired of it.

Avoid Appearing Like an Advertiser

While you should be using the social media websites to promote your blog, you should behave as a part of those communities. Whereas search engine marketing gives you visibility to search engine users, on social networks you can look at each user’s profile and personalize your interactions with them. Comment on other users’ posts and profiles.  If all you do is post about your blog, you will lose the interest of other users. If a person really enjoys the blog post, he or she may look through your archives to read older posts as well.

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  1. Becca

    04/13/2012, 08:28 pm

    Excellent tips! I’m glad this post could help you define where do you need to focus on. But it’s what we think helps us the most. We all act differently and either way could help someone become better and achieve their goals.

  2. Marjorie

    07/25/2012, 05:53 am

    Wow. This really helps. I am just new to the blogging world. Could you please rate my blog? if you like? Thankyou so much :) GodBless.

  3. SEO Services Company India

    07/30/2012, 01:31 am

    Hii Sam, thanks for this great post. Yaa, these all points are really very effective for marketing our blog with social media. Writing a fresh, quality content is very important part of Search Engine Optimization, and these types of content is rewarded by Search Engines.

  4. Matt Hayden

    12/23/2012, 08:53 am

    I think your last point is the most useful one. When using social media it’s really important to just have fun and socialize. If you do that you’ll come across as a real person and people will warm to you. Then the business will follow.

    Unfortunately, many social media users desperately try to sell and promote their stuff overtly while on these sites. Most of the time, it just puts people off.

  5. guestblo

    10/16/2013, 07:56 am

    Hi, very informative post there. I was particularly looking at ways to make my blogs more Social Media friendly. Will try and follow the tips mentioned by you! Thanks!