6 Simple Yet Profitable Ideas for Novices to Make Money Online

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The creation of wealth can be a very challenging task; and when I speak of wealth, I mean building a business and foundation that sustains present and future generations. Regardless of the many difficulties that exist in the current economy there exists opportunities for everyone willing to take a dedicated stance and search for the “gold” online.

The average human now has access to the internet but most seem to be using it solely for socializing, research and just for fun; and truth is that making money online does oftentimes include socializing and fun and is part of a fairly simple process.

Cutting to the chase, let’s look at some simple, straight forward ideas for making some bucks online.

Become A Freelance Writer / Blogger

There are many publishing networks online who will pay for talented writers to contribute to their websites. Some on a per story/post basis while others pay using an advertising revenue share model. Think about what you’re passionate about and if you can envision yourself talking or writing about it endlessly then that could be your money maker.

Great sites to find freelance writing opportunities are jobs.problogger.net and bloggingpro.com/jobs.

Affiliate Marketing

Those serious about their blogs and other websites should think of offering affiliate products. How this works is that product creators and authors, in addition to selling their own products, allow regular users to sign up as affiliates and receive a commission for each sale made through their website. A special link or banner is provided and once a visitor clicks, it is tracked and once a sale is made through it, you earn a percentage of the price.

You can browse for products on various affiliate network sites that suite your niche. Great sites to find affiliate products include:

It is usually a much more rewarding experience if you can find affiliate programs for products you have actually used and write reviews and publish recommendations while finding ways of including affiliate links. Your circle of influence, which should be your dedicated readers, will be the most likely to buy.


Provided that your site generates a decent amount of targeted traffic, you can offer banner and text link advertising space on your site for a monthly fee. Remember, however, that the price you will be able to set greatly depends on your site’s traffic. More visitors mean greater negotiating power when setting prices. You will need to put the work in to attract and sustain visitors; it is not set and forget.

Check out BuySellAds.com. It is a network that will help you to find advertisers for your site. So don’t sit and wait on advertisers to knock on your door, if you know of a company you think your audience would react to and find useful, then give them a call and make your ad space offer. Or give Google Adsense a try.

Selling e-Books

If you enjoy writing and think you have something very useful to share, write a PDF e-book. Its very easy to create, cost next to nothing, is easily distributed online and you will not need to go through any publishing companies that may not necessarily want to support and publish your work. You are in control of your content and once your e-book is complete you can start selling online right away through various media.

So if you already have a site with good readership, you can begin selling your ideas to them. Remember, great quality content is key.

Developing & Selling Apps

The mobile app market is a multi-billion dollar play ground and developing apps for platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android or even Facebook, opens up doors to endless possibilities for earning. Although developing apps require very unique and specialized skill sets, if you have an idea that you think will take the mobile or online market by storm, connect with developers with proven track records, present your idea and come up with a win-win agreement. Your goal is to build a strong dedicated team with the right skill set mix, complementing each other to accomplish the common goal of developing and launching the app.

Selling Your Products on Facebook

Check out a cool online commerce company called Ecwid that allows you to sell products through any Facebook page that you administer provided that you have a paypal account as well as a host of other online presences. The app creates an additional tab on your fan page and basically operates like a storefront. It is completely customizable and offers a good level of control and simplicity.

Just think about it, books, t-shirts, antiques or anything you can think of can be sold via this medium. If you do not have a website this is a simple and cost-effective way to get started with selling online.

The possibilities are endless when looking for opportunities online and the ideas mentioned above are only a fraction of what can be earned through the effective implementation of useful and unique ideas.

The Proof

I’ll give one example of a blogger who is right now making a living online, he is Pat Flynn and for last month he made a total of US $84,263.90 from his online businesses. Take a look at a breakdown of his August 2013 earnings here.

The time to act on your ideas is now! There is a tech paradigm shift taking place in most places around the world and the best time to take advantage and make your mark is at the beginning when the market is fresh.

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